The Beara MERGERS team and its values

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To meet the growing needs of its clients, Beara Mergers + Acquisitions has developed a network of experienced collaborators. With a wide range of skills and experience, BEARA Mergers’ partners come together in three main areas: ethics, professional skills, and customer services.


  • BEARA Mergers’ partners attach paramount importance to business ethics.
  • They work independently from any financial institution to avoid any potential conflict of interest.
  • They respect the confidentiality of the information entrusted to them by their clients and prospects.

Professional skills :

  • BEARA Mergers’ partners have a high level of expertise based on their extensive professional background. Together they have more than 30 successful transactions in Canada and abroad.
  • They put their experience and their networks of contacts at the disposal of their clients.
  • They combine rigorous methodology with broad practical knowledge of taxation and financial transactions.
  • They are continually updating their skill set by attending various training and seminars.

Client service:

  • Every mandate is the subject of a written agreement that is tailor-made and precisely describes the purpose of the transaction and the context that motivates the client; each situation is unique.
  • BEARA partners work together with their clients’ advisors (lawyers, notaries, accountants, etc.) and always provide two-way communication with them.
  • They are fully involved with their clients, providing them with exclusive advice and regularly reporting on their actions.
  • The remuneration of BEARA Mergers’ is organized to make the interest of the client prevail;  therefore, the client is assured that BEARA is one hundred percent focused on his interests.
  • The partner assigned to the project is the main point of contact throughout the entire mandate. They will work with all stakeholders to maximizes the chance of a successful transaction.